Voice Search Optimization

Day by day Voice Search Optimization is taking its place in Digital Marketing

According to the current research regarding voice search, 55% of teenagers use this searching process regularly. This massive number of the young generation is showing that it is going to be a popular searching technique in near future. We all received this voice search optimization system on our smartphones around the year 2014. It was a big invention of that year.

There are various reasons behind using this searching method.


Firstly, in the year 2021 the increasing adoption of smart speakers, that are fully voice search controlled. 25% of the families have purchased smart speakers such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. It is a big pointer of how people are familiarized with this new behavior.

Secondly, it is projected that by 2022 50% of all online shopping will be operated through only voice search. With many increasing factors reflecting the growth of voice search, it is one of the important sides. So every shopping brand is now trying to make their website ready for voice search which is very essential for their future business. It is a great opening for digital marketers to take advantage of.

Thirdly, one of the most popular platforms Google claims that they have earned 95% accuracy with their voice search optimization technique. Now with the good accuracy to match what you ask, Google makes the procedure more attractive and personalized.

Why the technique is most preferable nowadays?

 Nowadays voice search plays an important role in local SEO. Since SEO is a crucial part of digital marketing, voice search is something that marketers can’t ignore. Here are the points why it’s gaining popularity in the present scenario.

  • Multitasking with voice search is much easier. User can simply direct their voice assistant to find something and on the other hand, they can carry on with other work while the voice assistant is doing the work.
  • Voice searching is a very quick and efficient way to find the required information on our device. That’s why in today’s busy schedule most of the users choose the voice search option while finding something.
  • This technology is completely hand-free. There is no necessity to maintain any physical contact with the device.

So in 2022 most digital marketers are starting to give their attention to voice search optimization. They want to increase their business with the hand of this popular technology.

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